We are the 2017 Brookline High School China Exchange group.  Brookline High School and Gao Xin #1 Middle School in Xi’an, China have enjoyed a 17-year partnership, which allows students from both schools to experience life and learning in another country.  In the fall, we hosted eight students from Gao Xin, and now it is our turn to travel across the world.  We will be attending classes at Gao Xin, exploring Xi’an, and touring China from February to May 2017, and we will be sharing our reflections here.

Sophie Allen ’17
Emily Abbott ’18
Lia Bergman-Turnbull ’18
Jake Boyd ’18
Lisa Radin ’18
Olivia Rieur ’18
Henry Shaffer ’18
Zach MacDonald ’19
Julia Rocco, CHEX Teacher

To find out more about the exchange: http://bhschinaexchange.weebly.com/